EGO LB5804E Leaf Blower Kit


Powered by a fully-charged 5.0Ah battery (as provided in this kit), you can enjoy run times up to 200 minutes – plenty of time to get your tasks done. The variable speed thumb selector is perfectly placed for you to be able to ramp up the power when you need and using the boost button it provides a 986m3/h output.


EGO Power+ LB5804E 986M³/H Leaf Blower

The EGO LB5804E Leaf blower is powerful, significantly quieter than petrol-powered equivalents, and produces zero emissions. Our jet turbine technology means this blower has an output of 986m3/h when used in boost mode – giving you extra power when you need to move more stubborn debris.

The EGO LB5804E Leaf blower Kit also comes with both the flat and round nozzles, so you can swap them over when you need to. This gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to clearing leaves, stones, and anything else you might come across on your way. If you’re using it for an extended period, it’s compatible with our EGO Power+ backpack, so you can take the additional weight from the battery off your arms, leaving the tool at a feathery 2.2kg.

Designed to keep you in control – from low speed, low volume airflow for those delicate areas, to high speed, high volume airflow for hard-to-shift wet leaves and objects. With more power than most handheld petrol blowers on the market, that’s more than enough to clear up even the biggest windfall.



Best Practice with your Leaf Blower

  1. Plan where you want your leaves to ultimately end up. Put a sheet in the chosen spot, so it’s easier to carry all of the leaves to your compost heap or to bag them.
  2. Work in one direction only especially if there’s a breeze, try and work with it rather than against it; this will help to collect all of the leaves in just one area.
  3. Hold the blower at your side and point at the ground at a shallow angle. Use a smooth back-and-forth motion as you walk slowly with the leaf blower in front of you.
  4. Blowers work best on dry leaves, grass clippings, and thin twigs; but keep in mind that on a hard surface they move much more easily than those on a lawn. If you are working on your driveway, turn the setting to the lowest power.
  5. Dry leaves are easier to remove with a blower than wet leaves.
  6. Remember to wear eye protection, as small sticks, leaves, and other debris can easily get blown upwards.
  7. A bit of general advice with all of the landscaping chores is to wear a pair of long trousers, a long-sleeved shirt, and a good pair of gloves that will protect you from dirt, scratches, and cuts.
  8. Never point the working end of a leaf blower toward people or pets.
  9. Common courtesy asks for a self-imposed ban too early or too late or when next-door neighbours are entertaining or enjoying the outdoors.


  • Blow light snow off a car or a path
  • Dust off cobwebs from the shed
  • Scatter puddles of water that linger on your driveway
  • Dry your car after washing
  • Clean the gutters


EGO’s Power+ range of cordless leaf blowers are compact for easy use and storage and yet perform as well as a professional grade cordless blower. Built to last, they deliver a clean, quiet and safe experience.

Plus, the EGO cordless leaf blowers are powered by our ARC Lithium™ battery, so they have no problem keeping up, boasting impressive run times. In fact, our battery has a power and performance that surpasses petrol-powered equivalents.


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Weight 5 kg




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