Stihl Basic Helmet Set


Basic Helmet Set is a lightweight entry-level model with a large nylon visor. Elastic visor weather seal on the helmet peak to protect against dirt.

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Ear defenders in a slim design with good noise protection. Ventilation openings in the top area of the crest. A brim as an anti-dazzle peak. Pin lock cap for straightforward headband adjustment. Conforms to EN 352, EN 397, and EN 173

Basic Helmet Set Technical specifications

  • Ear protection SNR 24
  • Helmet material HDPE

Standard equipment

Helmet ventilation

Thermography shows the advantages of a helmet with standard ventilation (right). The temperature fell by two to three degrees and the humidity increased by 50%.

Nylon mesh

Flexible nylon mesh is the most widely used face mask, displaying higher durability and reducing the risk of breakage. Please note that the additional use of safety glasses is highly recommended.

Additional information

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