Pat Fogarty Lawnmowers started out as a service and repair company way back in the 70s. Throughout those years, we have repaired hundreds of ride-on mowers, walk-behind mowers, and other garden equipment. A lot of clients trusted the quality of our work, so we started to sell brand new lawnmowers, garden equipment and accessories. We are now one of the top retailers for ride-on lawnmowers and push lawnmowers in Ireland.

One of the benefits if you buy products from us is that we service and repair all the machines we sell. By this, you get complete traceability and service history for your machine, and you won’t have to worry about where to bring your lawnmowers or other gardening equipment in the event of damage or need repair.

We offer a wide range of ride-on lawnmowers, from the big brands’ Honda, Mountfield, John Deere, and Gardencare!

mountfield 1530H

Mountfield has been making lawnmowers for almost 55 years and has been the number one UK brand. From lawnmowers, lawn tractors, and garden care products, they all share the same reputation for outstanding quality and reliability, which means you always get your money’s worth.

Mountfield 1530H

An effective garden tractor is required to trim big green areas effectively. Even so, you still need a model that can manoeuver well, and may even be small enough to fit through a typical garden gate. Everything you need is in the Mountfield 1530H, plus a little extra. With its outstanding features, such as the punchy 414cc ST 400 Stiga engine, 84cm cut width and hydrostatic transmission, cutting grass in a 1.5 acre lot is swift.

Other Features:

– Twin bladed cutting deck.

– Smooth cutting action.

– Cast-iron engine liner.

– No gear changes.

– Easy mounting and dismounting.

– Electric blade clutch.

– Excellent grass collection.

– Large capacity collecting bags.

– Full grass bag alert alarm.

– Empty the collector from the operator seat.

– Twin nozzle cutter deck wash system.

– Headlights

Mountfield 1538H

Mountfield 1538H 98cm ride on lawnmowers

The 1538H is an excellent garden tractor, since it has strength, dependability, a 98 cm cutting width, hydrostatic transmission, and the choice to gather or mulch the clippings.

This garden tractor is sleek and effective thanks to its hydrostatic transmission and 432cc powered by STIGA ST 450 engine. From the driver’s seat, visibility is unobstructed, and the high-performance twin cutter deck consistently gives your lawn a tidy finish.

Other Features:

– Powered by Stiga with an ST450 432CC Engine

– 98cm Cutting Width

– Pedal Operated Hydrostatic Transmission

– 240-Liter Grass Collector

– Seven cutting height positions, 25-80MM

– Electric start.

– Twin headlights.

– Optional mulching plug and tow hitch available separately

Price of our Mountfield ride on lawnmowers is not visible on the website yet, but if you want to purchase one of these beasts, you can contact us or call us at (087) 2598 295

John Deere X147R ride on lawnmowers

John Deere X147R

John Deere continuously strives to improve customer satisfaction and is committed to doing so. The John Deere’s ride on mowers is a well-known brand among all other mower companies because of its cutting-edge features, which include a powerful hydraulic system, the best transmission system, high engine power, reliability, and many more.

By combining dependability, durability, and power in every part of its construction, from a completely welded steel frame to a cast-iron front axle, the X147R offers a fantastic entry point in the rear collection ride-on mower range.

It is an automatic back collecting device that gives modest gardens a beautiful finish.

With an ergonomic operator station, good illumination, and an unlimited range of ground speeds, operating the mower is also a breeze. Simple to Own. Simple to Use. Simple to Maintain

Other Features:

– Powerful V-twin engine features full-pressure lubrication for dependability and long life

– Hydro/automatic drive gives an infinite choice of ground speeds

– Full-length welded steel frame for reliability

– Operator station designed for comfortable operation

– Controls are easy to find and convenient to use

Contact or call us at (087) 2598 295 to reserve your X147R

The first Honda lawn mower entered the European market in September 1978. At the time, the market was dominated by conventional 2-stroke technology, which produced noisy, dirty engines that were challenging to maintain. Honda therefore installed ground-breaking 4-stroke engines in their lawn mowers, raising the bar for performance, dependability, and safety, but they didn’t stop there.

Honda has always sought to improve in all facets of design, so at every stage of the process, from the cast iron cylinder sleeves and ball bearings supporting the crankshaft to the aerodynamic cutter decks with nylon grass bags for better airflow and more effective collection, they incorporated toughness, durability, and long-lasting performance.

Honda HF2625 Ride On Mowers

Honda HF2625 HME

The Honda HF 2625 HME lawn tractor is equipped with a timing belt that keeps the blades synchronised at a 90° angle. This results in better cutting with fewer uncut areas (even when turning), a smoother ride thanks to the reduction of vibrations, and an optimised airflow, improving grass collection and mulching.

The blades can spin continuously at a 90-degree angle in opposition thanks to the synchronised timing belt, resulting in a clean and efficient cut and collection. You’ll enjoy far better cutting and mulching performance with a HF 2625 HME Premium lawn tractor.


– Optiflow

– Professional OHC engine

– Synchronous blade cut

– Honda Intelligent Monitoring System

– Hydrostatic transmission

– Anti-scalp rollers

– Versamow™ Selective Mulching System

If you wish to purchase Honda HF2625, you can contact or call us at (087) 2598 295