As your lawn already endures a lot, from seasonal changes, moss, pests, weeds, bacteria, and other things.

Buying the right lawnmower to properly maintain the growth and quality of your grass is essential, but not easy. The wrong one can damage your lawn, prove to be too costly to run, but the right one can keep it vibrant and healthy.

To accomplish that, you need a good lawn mower that is suitable for your garden’s size. There are numerous varieties of lawnmowers available in Ireland, such as Honda, Stihl, Husqvarna, and John Deere, all reliable, but each of them has unique qualities depending on your lawn needs.

A number of people make costly errors when it comes to purchasing new lawnmowers. They end up purchasing mowers which are not suitable for their lawn’s requirements. These days, with costs going to the roof, you want to ensure you’re buying the right lawn mower for your yard in one go.

To avoid these costly mistakes, we listed the buying blunders most homeowners make.

Buying the wrong size needed for your lawn

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Buying the right lawnmower size is very important and may seem like an obvious consideration, but it is easy to get swayed into a wrong decision when you are overloaded with option from an enthusiastic lawnmower salesman. Doing a Google search of “lawnmowers” online will give you tons of results and ideas about the types of mowers available on the market, so do your research before you run out and buy one. There are 4 varieties of mowers: ride-on, walk, power, and drive. It’s best to narrow down your options by thinking about the size of your lawn, and how fast you want the job to get done. You don’t want a 46cm walk mower to be used in a 1-acre field this summer, right?

When you’re shopping for a new lawn mower, take into account the size of your garden and your particular needs. Knowing these will assist you in choosing between a power, push, or ride-on mower, and will also narrow down the best mower option you need. Purchasing the incorrect size can make it challenging to finish the project on time, as there might be obstacles or the machine may be unsuitable considering your own mobility. 

Take note, the smaller your garden, the smaller mower and mower deck you need.

A ride-on mower will help you see better and move more easily around obstacles like trees and bushes in larger yards, especially those with hills and dips. When purchasing, try to estimate if you are unsure of the size of your yard.

Cheapest is NOT always the best option

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Many homeowners think that when choosing lawnmowers, they should go with the cheapest option to save money. Which is not true. There’s only a small number of 2nd hand lawnmowers that still function properly, and it’s only those that are maintained well.

Like purchasing your new phone, you’ll want to invest in reliable, high-quality, and branded lawnmowers to get the job done, and especially get your money’s worth. Every mower has its benefits and drawbacks, but what matters the most is what you need it to do. When purchasing, knowing the type of features you want on your mower is important.

It’s acceptable to consider the less expensive options, but don’t be hesitant to check out the slightly pricier ones, as those have better specs and features, build and most importantly will serve you well in the long run.

Underestimating what kind of power you need in your lawn mower.

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The temptation to purchase a mower with a smaller engine may be strong. But keep in mind that those few kilowatts and horsepowers could mean the difference between having a well-kept lawn and having a burned-out pile of metal in your garden.

It is true that different mowers have varying levels of power. This is determined by a variety of components, such as the mower’s type, blades, and whether it runs on petrol or electricity. Prior to purchasing a new lawnmower, you must determine how much power your lawn requires.

You have two choices for a lawnmower: liquid fuel or electric.

Modern electric mowers are better for the environment, but they may limit your mowing time, depending on how long the power lasts when fully charged. Although there are cord options available, they might limit your mobility going in and around your lawn. Petrol mowers cut grass easier, and they have been around for a lot longer than electric mowers, but the downside is they are heavier and require more maintenance

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but conducting research will help choose the best option for you.

No secure spot to store it

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Lawn mowers are substantial pieces of machinery. Even the smaller, push models occupy a considerable amount of room. Make sure you give your mower a place to call home. A location where it can stay safe both during the mowing season and during the off-season, like a garage, barn or sheds, would definitely work. As long as it’s a dry place and protected from outside elements.

While your mower is stored at a safe location, avoid putting things or piling up things on it, so it won’t attract pesky rats or any insects that’ll try to nest in it.

Additionally, never keep it next to a furnace or other device with flame. Before putting it away during off-season, give it a thorough cleaning, take out the battery, and drain the petrol before you store it completely.

Not reading user guides

There is a purpose for the user handbook. There’s a good possibility that anything you purchase, whether it be furniture, electronics, or equipment, came with a user manual. Businesses don’t give you this without a good cause. To understand everything you can about your new purchase, user guides are essential.

Consult the manual or the manufacturer’s website if you need to change the oil, figure out why your lawnmower won’t start, or are seeking safety advice. Do not disregard the manual! When dealing with something you’re unsure of, read it at all times. You’ll avoid a ton of hassle and squandered time.

Neglecting lawn mower maintenance

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No matter what brand of lawn mower, either Honda, John Deere, Mountfield or Stihl, MAINTENANCE is important.

Most homeowners wonder why their lawnmowers don’t work the same anymore when they buy them. They’ll tell you that it was recently maintained and that it was “a year or two years ago 😂” which is actually a long time.

Like your car, lawnmowers also require regular maintenance to function properly. This includes sharpening the blades, washing it down, cleaning the mower deck, and more! Petrol lawnmowers often need the mower deck cleaned at least twice during the mowing season. Push lawnmowers may merely require cleaning the blades and wiping off the outside. Ride-on and drive mowers should be serviced by professionals, especially if the motor is faulty.

Each lawnmower requires different maintenance and needs, knowing when and how to maintain it properly will help it last longer. The more you take care of your mower, the more it’ll take care of you too.

Where can I buy lawn mowers online?

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