Honda HRX537 HYE Lawnmower


The HRX537HYE its a 53cm wide (21” deck) , durable petrol mower with variable speed and Roto-stop™ with hydro-static transmission.

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Honda HRX537 HYE Lawnmower

A Self propelled 53cm wide, durable petrol mower with variable speed and Roto-stop™ with the hydro-static transmission.


An easy start
These new, advanced 4-stroke engines have an enhanced combustion process that not only improves fuel efficiency; but ensures easy starting, even after winter storage.

Durable cutter decks
The HRX537HYE deck is made of NeXite®. This high-impact resistant material does not dent, rust, or corrode over time.

Steady away
The HRX537HYE is available with Hydrostatic Drive

Variable mulching
Our Versamow™ system offers seven settings from full collection to full mulching, allowing precise control over the number of grass clippings you think is best for fertilizing your lawn.

Safety first
The Roto-Stop® system allows you to stop the blades quickly and safely, without having to turn the engine off. Ideal when you need to empty the grass bag, clear debris, or traverse paths and driveways.

Cutting height adjustment
With the HRX you can easily adjust the cutting height of your grass. Simply pressing the button at the side allows you to have precise control of lowering or raising the deck evenly.

No spills
Redesigned to make it much easier to refuel your HRX mower, the petrol tank filler cap is more than twice as large as the previous models.

The HRX is so easy to maintain. The air filter can be simply changed by hand and the spark plug is much more accessible thanks to the new engine design.

Enhanced system
These new engines have an enhanced combustion system and are super-efficient – much better for the environment – providing class-leading power with usable torque; a muscle that’ll do all the work for you.

Cutting edge
Designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable, our new HRX mowers not only have increased performance, but they benefit from reduced noise levels too. They also feature a host of unique Honda technologies, such as Select Drive for precise control, Versamow™ for selective mulching, and Roto-Stop® to safely disengage the cutting blades. If you want an even easier life, the HRX537HZE model comes with an electric start.

Go Greener
The Versamow™ variable mulching system works with specially designed offset MicroCut twin-blades. They work together, efficiently cutting the grass into ultra-fine particles; recycling them back into your lawn to create a natural fertilizer. You’ll notice the difference in a matter of weeks.

Most of our models come with Roto-Stop allowing you to stop the blades but leave the engine running while you empty the grass bag or move across driveways.

Our blades are designed to twist, not break, should you hit a solid obstacle while mowing. This Honda innovation not only increases safety, but it also prevents further damage to the engine and the cutter deck.


Driving Speed (Meters Per Second) 0-1.61
Cutter deck material Xenoy®
Blade Brake Control Roto-stop®
Mulching system Versamo™
Cutting Height Positions 7
Grass bag capacity (liters) 88
Noise value (dB(A)) 98
Garden size Large Garden (> 2 tennis courts)

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 1825 × 585 × 1115 cm